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For rigid and flexible materials

IQDEMY evolution is a versatile entry-level industrial solution for your business. UV-LED hybrid machine with belt motion system allows switching from rigid media printing to roll material in no time. Ability to print on objects of 20 cm high makes this machine really all-purpose solution.

Technical Specifications

Print table

1,6 m (Hybrid)

1,6 m (Hybrid) Light

2,5 m (Hybrid)

x7 Konica Minolta 1024

x5 Ricoh GEN4

x7 Konica Minolta 1024

Print heads and color scheme

Konica Minolta print head is known as proven quality standard.
1024 nozzles in each head double print speed keeping a high level of quality

CMYK+Lc+Lm+W (Varnish as option)

X2 UV-LED curing units by DPS Innovations

Developed by DPS Innovations ink curing units operate up to 10,000 hours and are ready to work immediately after printer starts

Number of UV-curing Units

Drop size

14 pl

Up to 200 mm

Media thickness

Media weight

Up to 90 Kg

Teflon coating printer body protects it from exposure to chemical irritants, mechanical damage, maintaining a quality look throughout the period of operation.

Body paint

Hybrid printer

Hybrid design allows printing not only on flexible materials, but on a solid rigid materials as well, like panels, tiles and others.

Additional functions

Type of UV-curing Ink



46 m2/hr

44 m2/hr

58 m2/hr

Print speed Production Top quality

27 m2/hr

25 m2/hr

34 m2/hr

13 m2/hr

12 m2/hr

17 m2/hr


Caldera Grand RIP

Caldera Copy RIP

Caldera Grand RIP



● 40 sq.m./hour and 14 pl Impressive print quality and speed.

● Around-the-clock printing
A unique multifunctional printer has all the advantages of high-quality printing at the highest speed possible and is the best start-up solution for around-the-clock printing.

● White ink recirculation
Constant circulation system allows forgetting ‘white’ print head clogging issue.

● Control electronics by DPS Innovations
All control systems and side components are developed and produced by DPS innovations specifically for IQDEMY Evo.

Get maximum of print head capabilities and forget about banding.

● Compactness
Having dimensions of 3500*710*1090 mm Evo can print on objects up to 160cm wide without any length limitation.


●  8 channels on every machine
Every evolution is ready for 8 colors printing, get CMYK+W and then just add print heads to have +LM+LC+V when needed.

●  Solid metal frame
An all-metal welded frame can withstand any heavy media. The body is equipped with wheels and legs for easy movement and a stable fixation in operation.

●  Powerful torque system
With a mighty electro-drive used for belt movement, you can be sure that 90kg materials is not a problem to print up.

●  Extra-high carriage lift
With the specially designed system of carriage lifting, you can print on 20 cm high objects making it possible to take previously unimaginable orders.

●  Vacuum belt
A composite belt is perforated to ensure continuous vacuum supply. Is it glass or paper it doesn’t matter – you can be sure that power vacuum will fix it during printing to get precise positioning.

●  10 tanks for ink supplying and ink level sensors
The ink delivery system consists of 10 tanks (8 for colors and 2 for air). Each container includes a mechanical sensor measuring the level of a residue, pre-filter, cleaning system of electronic valves, and diaphragm pump for pumping ink into the system, fine filter and ink supplying path. Vacuum systems for CMYK and White color are independent. This is most reliable scheme in industrial ink-jet printing for now.


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