Maglev Ricoh UV LED True Flat Bed

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IQDEMY Maglev Ricoh UV LED Flat Bed is a powerful industrial solution for your business. The latest print heads by Ricoh or Konica Minolta and unique innovative system of «magnetic levitation», introduced in the carriage motion system extend the borders of digital printing. High-speed printing at maximum capacity.

UV LED technology allows avoiding the ozone output and other polluting exhalations. The prints are absolutely safe and ecologically friendly. UV LED technology is the greenest printing technology.

Direct printing on all kinds of material without the extra treatment is available only with the use of special UV inks. During the last 15 years, this technology took a dominant position in wide format and interior printing industry. IQDEMY Company produces UV LED equipment since 2004 and is proud of its’ development in the field of printing systems, control electronics, and inks. Our printers distinguish from others by their high technology, custom settings flexibility and stable high-quality printing.

Technical Specifications
Type Flatbed
Curing method Watercooled UV-LED
Maximum print dimensions 1200mm*2800mm 2000mm*3000mm
Portal (X-axis) length 2800mm 2000mm
Productivity Real measurement, CMYK mode, Ricoh Gen5, ‘multi-pass’ and ‘missing nozzles’ optimizations enabled
Normal quality (508×1200 dpi) 24m2/h 22m2/h
High quality (508×1800 dpi) 18m2/h 16m2/h
Super quality (508×2400 dpi) 14m2/h 12m2/h
Print heads (standard configuration) 3 Ricoh Gen5 or 5 Konica Minolta 1024/1024i
Print heads (maximum) 10 Ricoh Gen5 or 8 Konica Minolta 1024/1024i
Grayscale Supported
Printhead cleaning system Jetting, Purging
Colour scheme CMYK+W. Lc, Lm and Varnish as options
Ink supply system Continuous, with subtanks
Material thickness 0.1 mm – 100 mm
Material weight Up to 400kg
Height sensor Yes
Vacuum Yes, 4 zones, with reverse (blower)
Safety system Anti-impact side sensors on a carriage. Emergency stop buttons
Antistatic Yes
Recommended RIP Software (not included) Caldera Grand RIP
Warranty 10 years. 5 years for control electronics and UV-LED
Power supply 380V three phase, 7kWt
Dimensions (L*W*H) 4800mm*2280mm*1600mm 3900mm*4000mm*1600mm
Weight 1200 kg 1500 kg

    gal Magnetic levitation

    ‘Quantum leap’ in ink-jet multi-pass printing. The printer is equipped with a powerful linear motor unbeatable by traditional mechanic solutions. The absence of rubbing and stepping components eliminates the negative vibrations and «noise» affecting the print quality and raising overall stability and durability of the system.

    gal Advanced grey-scale

    Improved waveform system allows IQ Maglev to print dots of different sizes in a single cycle. This option increases the smoothness of the image significantly without speed loss.

    gal White ink recirculation

    Constant circulation sytem allows forgetting about ‘white head’ clogging issue.

    gal Control electronics by DPS Innovations

    Extended warranty of 5 years for control electronics and UV-LED.

    gal Solid metal frame

    All-metal welded frame can withstand heavy media up to 400kg.

    gal 4 vacuum zones

    Honeycomb desktop is divided into 4 vacuum zones able to operate independently to reduce power consumption of the printer.

    gal 8 channels in every machine

    Every MAGLEV is ready for 8 colors printing, get CMYK+W and then just add print heads to have +LM +LC +V when needed.

    gal Choice of print heads

Additional Features