What is the advantage of a co2 laser cutting machine?

co2 laser cutting machine

The preferred standpoint of co2 laser cutting is the considerable prevalence in general industry. Why? Co2 laser cutting machine is the ideal innovation to slice from thin material up to 20– 25 mm with the great resistance. Contrast with plasma it is better resistance and all the more spotless cut, contrast with waterjet it is speed.

Preferences of co2 laser cutting:

· The high effectiveness of Laser slicing machine is constantly associated with a few numerically-controlled turning tables to accomplish numerical controlled cutting. It just needs to change the NC program to conform to segments of various shapes, which can make 2D cutting and in addition 3D cutting.

· Fantastic cutting Laser surface is spotless and decent Clean cut edges without burr or dust formation. The cutting precision can reach to ±0.05mm. Low warm impact, i.e., no delamination.

· Flexibility is, you don’t require any pattern, you can input your design into the software and the laser will cut it accordingly. Laser cutting is non-contact cutting, which implies no device wear issue. When handling different shapes, there is no need to change tools, the main path is to adjust the output parameter of the laser. The entire laser cutting procedure includes low noise, little vibration, and little contamination.

· Various cutting material compares with the plasma cutting, co2 laser cutting machine can be used on more materials, including non-metal, leather, wood, acrylic, texture, paper, elastic, plastic, foam, stencil, textile material, and so on.